As a real estate agent, there’s probably one task you hate doing more than any other: prospecting. Whether you’re cold calling, knocking on doors, or talking to strangers at an open house, prospecting is often awkward. However, it’s absolutely necessary if you want to get more leads and grow your business. If your hatred or fear of prospecting is holding you back from being the best agent you can be, don’t worry. Here are three simple tips to help you get over your prospecting anxiety:

1. Have a plan. If you’re afraid of going blank during a cold call, you need to have a set plan. Write a basic outline that covers your opening sentence, what you’ll say, the message you’re trying to convey, and your closing statement. With this plan in place, you’ll be less nervous and likely perform better on the call.

“Prospecting is a numbers game.”

2. Set achievable goals. Part of the reason why prospecting seems like such a daunting task is that you’re never “finished”—you can always make another call. This leads to inconsistent behavior, where you’ll make 20 cold calls one day but won’t reach out to anyone for weeks after. Instead, set easy goals. For example, make it a goal to call five people every day or spend 30 minutes prospecting every morning. Eventually, it will feel like second nature.

3. Don’t be afraid of failure. For many, each unsuccessful cold call feels like a complete failure. However, remember that prospecting is a numbers game—no one secures a lead every time they reach out to a stranger. One short call that doesn’t go anywhere shouldn’t ruin your day. Instead, try to keep a positive attitude and celebrate your successes.

These tips will help you start prospecting like a pro. If you have questions about these suggestions or would like some more prospecting advice, don’t hesitate to call or email me. I am always willing to talk.