Michelle talks about why she got into real estate and joined our team.

Why work with our team? Today our agent Michelle O’Leary is discussing how she got into real estate and what drew her to Team Gabriel.

Michelle worked in retail management for about 10 years before getting into real estate, but she always has an interest in homes and being an agent. It wasn’t until she and her finance purchased their first home five years ago that she got intrigued with the process. She figured it must be super rewarding to help first-time homebuyers.

Eventually, she decided to leave her salary job and worked part-time to take real estate classes because she wanted to change, be uncomfortable, and learn from the experience. After she got her license, she interviewed with a lot of different brokers. None of them had what she was looking for until she stumbled across us at Team Gabriel.

“They provided me with training and leads so I could get out there and help people fulfill their goals of homeownership.”

She was so impressed with what we had to offer that she scheduled a meeting with us. She said that she felt like she was part of the team within 20 minutes of our conversation. We were a good fit for her as a first-time agent who needed someone to help lead them. The other brokerages had no training or accountability to offer her.

For Michelle, the best part about being on a team is that there is constant contact. Someone can always answer your questions or help you. She loves the connection and collective brainstorming that happens on our team.

There were days when she could devote herself fully to real estate and days she couldn’t. However, she appreciated that no matter the day, we could teach, train, and provide her with leads. She had someone to help lead her to that ultimate, satisfying goal of handing someone the keys to their new home.

If you’re looking to join a team or get into real estate, join Team Gabriel. Whether you’re a new or experienced agent, we can help train you as we did with Michelle. Just give us a call.