Let’s face it. In today’s digital age, your Social Media presence is the lifeblood of your business. This is particularly true for real estate since more than 90% of home buyers will start their search for a new home online. In fact, in the tough market of 2024, when so many Realtors are struggling, you are missing out on a significant chunk of potential business if you aren’t online. One of the keys to a good social media presence, however, is consistency. No matter the size or type of audience, the more regular you are in your posts, the better engagement you can expect. That raises the question, however, of what you can post to generate the most engagement and, therefore, the most business. A critical social media hack is to keep your content fresh by making it timely, or at least seasonal, so today, we’ll be exploring three types of posts you can make in the spring to dominate the social media landscape.

1. Add value for the season. It doesn’t matter how many touches you make on your database throughout the year; you’re likely going to be making at least one in the spring. In order to bring value to your audience and demonstrate your status as their go-to local professional, you should make your content relevant to the season. Consider videos, articles, or posts on spring cleaning and revitalizing the landscaping after the long winter months. You might even delve into subjects like spring-themed DIY projects or interviewing local businesses that can tie into the spring theme. This could include landscapers, pool maintenance companies, and others. Keep to familiar spring themes like renewal.

“The key is to keep your content regular, relatable, and timely.”

2. Celebrate the Spring market. Spring is one of the busiest times of year in real estate, and that’s an opportunity for agents looking to demonstrate their proficiency and expertise. Keep your audience up-to-date on this exciting time in the market by staying on top of the latest statistics and helping buyers, sellers, and investors understand what those statistics mean for them. Position yourself as both a source of timely information they can trust as well as a qualified expert who can make complex topics easy to digest.

3. Go Deep. Find your brand’s voice and use the fresh start of spring to introduce or reintroduce that to your audience. Post agent interviews, behind-the-scenes looks, or even day-in-the-life content. Whatever it is that fits your style and personality. Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, so whether you are trying to establish your brand or rebrand an existing business, now is the time to do it.

Remember, the key is to keep your content regular, relatable, and timely. Do you have more questions about how you can leverage social media to generate more business or just about real estate in general? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out by phone or email. I am always here to serve as your resource for all of your real estate business needs.